About Us

Spraytec started in 1991 in Rosario, Argentina. Diego Parodi, had the idea of creating products to increase agricultural productivity and in turn contain multiple functions within a single formulation.

Since its beginning, Spraytec’s innovative impulse has never stopped. The company has been constantly launching new concepts and new products combining convenience, nutrition, protection and health through its exclusive formulations based on application technology and low doses.

Spraytec has made a commitment to the farmers in its current markets to improve their productivity by providing the finest phyto stimulants and we are now pleased to bring this commitment and technology to Australia. Our philosophy is to obtain better agronomic results while conserving our natural resources.

This disruptive concept was received with great success throughout different regions globally. Spraytec released its technology in Brazil, followed by Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay, the United States and Ukraine, which are some of the biggest agricultural producing countries across the world. In 2019, we brought this innovative concept to Australia.

Spraytec also develops activities in other fields such as meat production based on pasture, containers for chemicals and food industry, animal health and scientific research.

The company’s products have been tested by universities and independent research organizations worldwide with outstanding results. The technical development of each product is shown in the quality of the crops and the return on the investment to the growers. More than 3500 field trials plus over 250 million hectares treated worldwide validate our technology.

Spraytec Australia landed last year in Perth (WA) and since then we have been conducting trials, with independent companies and farmers, to show the effectiveness of our products in Western and South Australia. We have adapted the formula to the Australian weather and water quality conditions. The results were very successful are available on our website.

During the 2019 winter season we have tested our phyto-stimulants, CUBO and ABSORTEC COPPER on wheat and barley with research organization such as Kalyx, Living Farm, Agxtra and growers. The results of these trials overpassed our expectations. We found yield increases between 80 and 480 kg per hectare when Spraytec products were used. And the costs were between $ 10 – $ 25 per hectare, which means that the return on investment is highly attractive.

In addition, during the summer of 2020 we conducted field trials to show the performance of our phyto-stimulants FULLTEC and FULLTEC MAX when mixed with herbicides for the control of fallow weeds. The management was done by Living Farm in WA and Agxtra in SA and demonstrated that treatments with our products had a better and faster weed control than other competitors.

Spraytec will continue its extensive research and development program in Australia and looks forward to partnering with the farming industry for generations to come.

We are developing our dealer network in Western Australia and making very attractive commercial proposals for Australian growers, focusing not only on the efficiency of the application of crop protection products, but also in the nutrition and health of crops.